Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance – an easy and inexpensive way to insure your business and protect your loved ones with financial peace of mind.

People buy Life Insurance for a variety of reasons: Newly married, birth of a child, purchasing a new home, new job, peace of mind. There are many options with Life Insurance, and we help you to sort out the best option for your situation.

At the Vaughn Group, we offer Individual Life Insurance as well as Group Life. Please contact us for more information and to set-up a free consultation.

If you are a business owner in partnership it is very important to have Key Person insurance in place. This provides a death benefit to the business partner in the event of unexpected loss of life or in the event of an extended incapacity.

To get a Free Life Insurance Quote, please provide the following information:

For Group Life Insurance please contact us at 760-277-2575 or 760-940-2056 or email us at

If you are not currently taking advantage of government health insurance tax subsidies that may be available to you or your organization, contact us for a free evaluation at 760-277-2575.