Payroll and HR Services

Payroll and HR Services

Our payroll and HR services are tailor-made for your company or organization. Besides mainstream business solutions, we specialize in non-conventional payroll solutions for non-profit organizations, churches and venture-backed companies, where different types of tax systems are in effect.

In partnership with Payroll Centric, we provide payroll services and tax filing for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The system allows remote access, multiple users, and integration with general ledger software. Our processes are easy, accurate and secure.

With our HR services, we are able to offer various timekeeping methods, including web-based clock-in, biometric clocks, and GPS enabled apps for remote employees, all which integrate with the payroll system helping you to control labor costs. In addition, we help you manage the phases of the employment cycle, including background checks, application processing, and employee self-service, where each employee can login for wage, income and tax information.

Our payroll services provide full integration of Time Keeping, Payroll and Human Resources.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

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If you are not currently taking advantage of government health insurance tax subsidies that may be available to you or your organization, contact us for a free evaluation at 760-277-2575.