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You save for a year for your dream vacation, or you have an important business meeting taking you away from your home, or you're on an overseas missions trip with your church, yet the unexpected happens, ruining your plans in just a quick moment.

With travel insurance through Vaughn Financial & Insurance Services, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that we have you covered.

Our travel insurance will cover you for medical expenses, financial default of travel carriers and other losses incurred while traveling, either in your own country or internationally.

At the Vaughn Group, we can help you choose the right plan for your trip and your budget. Feel free to fill out the forms below for a free quote or to buy. You can also call our offices at 760-277-2575 or 760-940-2056 for more information or immediate assistance.

Group Travel / Mission Trips

International Assurance Plan
One rate for your group no matter what the age. This plan is only for US Citizens going overseas.
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The Day Tripper
For groups over 5 travelers. Covers medical, emergency medical evacuation and more. Can be used for groups coming to the USA too.
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Mission Trip

Individual Short-Term Policies

The Atlas Policy
Economic policy for short term trips.
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The Round Trip
This policy covers trip cancelation as well.
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Individual Long-Term Policies
(Perfect for the Ex-Pat)

The Meridian
The economic choice. It provides annual renewable coverage outside the U.S. This policy covers you in and out of the U.S. but limits coverage inside the U.S. to 6 months. The Meridian plan can be purchased by foreign nationals and it will cover them inside the U.S. as long as they are not eligible for U.S. insurance.
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The Geo Blue
Long term policy provides annual renewable coverage outside the U.S. Geo Blue covers you in and out of the U.S. without any residency restrictions. This plan can only be purchased by U.S. Citizens who plan on living abroad.
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If you are not currently taking advantage of government health insurance tax subsidies that may be available to you or your organization, contact us for a free evaluation at 760-277-2575.