Workers' Compensation & Disability Insurance

Workers' Compensation & Disability

California State law requires all businesses and organizations to carry Worker's Compensation Insurance for their employees.

Here at the Vaughn Financial Group, we help you to find the right kind of workers' compensation insurance for your industry and needs. Whether your industry has "high-risk" laborers or a one-person office worker, we find the right solution for you.

Why Workers' Compensation? Besides state law, workers' compensation insurance provides medical care and wage replacement for employees injured at work, while at the same time protecting you as an employer from any potential lawsuit arising from the injury.

Our Workers' Compensation Insurance partners are BBSI and Commercial Management Insurance.

Disability Insurance

Protects business owners in the case of an illness or disability preventing them from working. For more information about our Disability Insurance products, please contact us for a free consultation.

If you are not currently taking advantage of government health insurance tax subsidies that may be available to you or your organization, contact us for a free evaluation at 760-277-2575.